Find free to use photo’s and images without getting in to trouble

So I just came across a post on Facebook regarding people using images directly from Google searches on their website and social media post…this is a NO NO!

Why you ask?

Well basically any time someone adds photo’s or images they have taken or created themselves onto the internet, whether on their own website or any social media platform, they actually own the rights to that image/photo, hence you cannot use that image without either getting their permission or paying for a license to use it.

All of the images you see when searching on google belong to those people who have uploaded them.  Google is just a search engine showing you lots of glorious images from around the world that our beautiful human race have added somewhere on the internet.  Google is not a photo distributor and hence you cannot use the images from Google.

There are however photo sharing sites where you can search and find spectacular images that are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license (CCO).  Which means that pictures on these sites are free to be used for your website or social media sites and you don’t have to ask permission or link to the source.

Please note though that these sites have promoted images which do require a paid license so when you go to download the image make sure you check the license and that it says CCO, free for use for personal and commercial with no attribution required.

My favourite sites are Pexels and Unsplash

Now I must say there are some super generous photographers out there who are sharing their images on these platforms and I just want to say a huge big thank you.  You make it affordable for small businesses and non-for-profits to make their websites look fab!

That’s me done.


Canva makes it easy to design blog posts in WordPress

You heard it.

Now I haven’t started blogging yet, because honestly I have nothing really exciting to blog about and I much prefer designing then writing, it hurts my brain.

But then I found out Canva has got into bed with WordPress and have brought out a plugin that makes blogging just a whole lot easier.  So I am trying it out right here, right now.

As a Graphic Designer and someone who uses Adobe, and pays for it…Canva really is such an amazingly simple tool and the free version you can just do so much with, in so little time, that I often find myself checking into Canva alot more.

I just want to say, thanks Canva for making me take the plunge into Blogging once again.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

Here’s the link to the new plugin

Leisa – funk guru at Retrohex